results that will

empower you & your Child

We’ll make sense of each scientific test, the results and what is revealed about your child by including an in-depth written report, result summary and face-to-face meeting where you can ask questions until everything make sense.

Together We'll discuss:
  • How your child performed in the areas of concern
  • Whether or not there appears to be a learning disability
  • Your child’s academic performance
  • Your child’s ability to think
  • Concerns such as attention, motivation and social concerns
  • Any questions and/or clarifications you may have to empower you to make the best learning and development decisions for your child to thrive

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Scientific testing

All tests are norm-referenced and standardized. This basically means before a test is available for use, thousands of children are tested. Scores are analyzed and documented by age group. Once tests are published, scores can then be used to compare with your child’s score and/or age-group.

Below is a short list of many simple and complex tests we can conduct.

Test activities
  • Making designs with blocks
  • Word games, Riddles
  • Drawing shapes and designs
  • Listening to brief stories and answering questions
  • Memory tasks
  • Sound / Word recognition

Types of Tests
  • Cognitive or “IQ” Testing
  • Auditory Perception  (how does the brain make sense of what is heard?)
  • Visual Perception  (…and of what is seen?)
  • Fine motor skills  
  • Attention Tests
  • Memory Tests
  • Autism Diagnostic Testing

EndTest Pro offers a variety of assessments and data analyses to learn about and understand a child's needs.

real life unobtrusive observations


Class-time observations enable us to collect data and outline next steps for understanding your child’s development.

Areas of focus can include the child’s:

  • Attention Span
  • Ability to understand / follow instruction and teacher directives
  • Behavioral Concerns or problems
  • Interpersonal skills (interaction with classmates, adults)
  • Energy / Motivation Level
  • Work production and
    follow-through with tasks
  • General Mood and Disposition
  • Fine Motor skills (writing and/or drawing abilities)

Recess / leisure periods

Recess observations and/or other less structured periods will provide us with information that is relevant to your child’s school performance and well-being.

Areas of focus can include the child’s:

  • Social Skills (cooperation, turn-taking, motivation and conversation)
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • Energy level
  • Gross Motor Skills (physical play and/or sports)
  • Any relevant concerns you have






IQ Testing

Understanding strengths, weaknesses and gifts

(i.e., GATE programs)


Memory, attention, visual perception, auditory perception, sensory-motor skills (i.e., holding a pencil/writing style)


Standardized tests to assess child’s school performance and grade level

Socio-Emotional / Behavioral

Developmental testing and analysis for diagnosis of Autism and ASD's.

A combination of observations, data, adult and rating scales to pinpoint possible emotional/behavioral disorders including   ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Review of Records

We’ll review and summarize all available school, medical reports and previous assessments

Speech / Language Testing

Performed by a speech and language pathologist – this evaluation will assess how your child “hears” and makes sense of language spoken to them as well as how they produce and communicate language to others

Recommendations and Strategies

Endtest Pro will work with parents and  educators to identify strategies that will make a difference and produce meaningful student outcomes.   A short list includes: academic achievement, the classroom learning environment, behavior and social skills. 


EndTest Pro packages

types of tests OFFERED: 
  • IQ Testing
  • Behavior and social skills evaluations and rating scales
  • Processing Abilities Tests (e.g., visual perceptual abilities, auditory processing skills, memory and attention)  
  • Academic assessment in areas such as math, writing and reading
  • Comprehensive tests for Memory Skills
  • Highly specific tests for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD's), ADD/ADHD, as well as dyslexia and other disorders.
  • Testing for IEE's (Independent Educational Evaluations).
What you receive:
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting from testing
  • Meetings to discuss results with families, teachers and professionals in straightforward, easy-to-understand language empowering adults to make helpful diagnostic and educational decisions for a child
  • EndTest Pro associates available for IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings and consultation with schools, families and advocate during legal and programmatic aspects of creating IEP's for special education students.


IQ Testing Enhanced

Two different IQ tests given:

  • Traditional - Understanding strengths, weaknesses and gifts

  • Alternative - Measures “non-verbal” intelligence (abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, numerical reasoning and other abilities which represent intelligence). Alternative IQ tests are equally valid yielding helpful information about a child’s intellectual abilities, especially if your child struggles with speaking or understanding language

IQ Testing BASIC

One traditional IQ test with full interpretation and report

Processing Tests

Assesses individual mental processes, including: memory, attention, visual perception, auditory perception, sensori-motor “holding a pencil/writing” abilities. (Does not include IQ testing).

Consultation and/or IEP meeting attendance

Individual Education Programs (IEP's) can be difficult to understand and to create so as to most benefit your child.

We are happy to attend IEP's at your public school throughout the process. We strive to help you understand your child's IEP and to provide meaningful collaboration with your IEP team.