What are your office hours?

Monday: 8:30 am - 4pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 7am - 6pm
Friday: 7am - 12pm
Saturday hours are available by appointment only.

What age range do you EVALUATE?
Pre-school age, (roughly age 3) to age 18 


During the first testing session, we invite the child to feel at ease with the evaluation process. We usually start with a brief, informal “interview,” in which  we get to know the child. We chat with them about   their likes and dislikes at school, hobbies, family, and friendships. We try to get a sense about how the child feels about themselves as well as how they feel about their abilities in school. Once rapport is established, testing will start.

Typically, the testing process can be completed in 3 or 4,  one hour sessions. The number of testing sessions depends on the number of tests that will be used.   Each  one hour session involves short breaks for free play (the child can choose among toys) . Older children, such as teens, are welcome to use the computer. All students are welcome to enjoy a snack brought from home.

Other parts of the evaluation process will include an observation at school, and (as permitted by parent) interviews with teachers. Parents will also provide key information about their presenting concerns as well information about the child’s developmental and schooling background.

Do you accept insurance?

My practice is fee-for-service; meaning that clients pay for services we have agreed upon. I accept cash, credit card, and check payments. I also will match all insurance payouts. This means that if your insurance pays 80% of the fee, then you will only be responsible for paying EndtestPro 20%.


A typical psycho-educational analysis of a child can take approximately 6 to 8 hours and includes an evaluation of some or all of the following:

  • Intelligence
  • Basic achievement skills, including in math, reading and writing 
  • Executive skills including planning, organization of information, flexibility and inhibition
  • Attention Skills
  • Memory skills
  • Language Function
  • Visual-Spatial skills
  • Fine Motor abilities
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional and behavioral functioning
  • Highly Specific tests (if indicated) for Autism Spectrum Disorders,  ADD/ADHD, and other disabilities. 
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE's)

Tests are then interpreted as they relate to academic learning processes including tests of academic ability, learning patterns, achievement, motivation, and personality factors. 

IEP's are our specialty! We will help you navigate the special education maze and advocate for your child.

We also offer:

  • Consultation with other educators and parents on issues of social development and behavioral and academic difficulties
  • Development of treatment programs and strategies to address problems in school
  • Coordinating intervention strategies for management of individual crises and school challenges
  • Functional Behavior Analyses (FBA's) with behavior intervention


Private, Psycho-therapy ("talk therapy"). We are happy to offer ideas, suggestions and referrals for this service.  


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